For Connection

Everence: Enduring

Life isn’t always a highlight reel. Therefore, it shouldn’t be on Instagram, either. When life gets grueling, soul-crushing, heart-breaking, we power through thanks to the people around us. As a brand, we lean into the fact that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We talk about the tough times, what it takes to achieve, what it’s like to be away from people we love. We own the fact that we’re all human, we make mistakes, we get stronger, but what is constant is the support and strength we have from our loved ones. We never lose our sense of humanity and a sensitivity to what got us here: the connections to the people we love.

Always With You

She wants to be by your side, unconditionally. With Everence (TM) you can keep her there, always. Everence for tattoos lets you safely add your pet's DNA to new or existing artwork to deepen the connection you already have.

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