Keep the ones you love closer than ever.

Carry the animals you love with you forever.

A special moment in time, captured forever.

No matter where life takes you, Everence will keep the ones you love with you, always.

Create jewelry and tattoos to carry the ones you love and the experiences you never want to forget, with you always.

Both Everence Jewelry and Everence for Tattoos can be created using
any of the following sources from:

A place or experience.

  • SAND

  • SOIL

  • ROCK



A loved one or pet.

  • DNA
    (from a cheek swab)

  • HAIR

  • ASH

How It Works.

Everence Everence
Collect Your Everence Source

Every order starts with a Source Collection Kit. Use this Kit to easily collect your Everence Source and send it to us using the pre-paid envelope inside.

Collection Kits can be purchased separately or in combination with a jewelry or tattoo product.

Everence Everence
Create Your Jewelry or Tattoo Product

Visit and follow the simple instructions to create your jewelry or tattoo product and complete your order.

Everence Everence
We Take it From There

We use our patented process to make your custom jewelry or tattoo product and ship it to you in approximately 14 days.

Drew Brees, Everence Customer And Former NFL Quarterback

Let’s Get Started.

It all begins with an Everence Source Collection Kit.

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