Everence Customer and Former NFL Quarterback

I always feel my best when I'm close to my family. So when I learned about Everence, a brand that's all about helping people feel close to the things they love, I was excited to partner with them.

Everence products give you a way to carry the things you love with you every day, and to help you feel close to them, no natter how far apart you may have to be.

My wife and I have Everence bracelets with each other's DNA, and we have a second matching set with DNA from each of our children and even our family dog. For me, our Everence bracelets are both something that we created together as a family and something that helps me feel close to them when I'm away.

Beyond seeing the value of their products for myself, many other things impressed me about Everence, including their origin story, their mission, and especially their team. Everence was originally founded to help military personnel and their families feel close to one and other during prolonged separations, such as deployments. Their mission is to inspire people to stay onnected to loved ones and special experiences, because they believe (as do I) that good things come from feeling close to what you love. And they've assembled world-class teams on both their tattoo and jewelry products including scientists, dermatologists, and jewelry designers, all of whom are industry leaders in their respective fields.

Take it from someone who's spent thousands of hours training — when it comes to performance you can trust, there's no replacement for that kind of experience or commitment.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my family - thanks to Everence I have the ideal way to carry them with me all the time. Once you decide to take the next step, Everence is here to do the same for you. They've designed their process to be as simple as possible, and they'll be behind you every step of the way to help you create something very special.

Drew Brees
Former NFL Quarterback

Drew Brees

Former NFL Quarterback and Everence Customer

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