How it Works for Tattoos.

Everence for tattoos is a tattoo ink additive, in powder form, designed to be mixed into tattoo ink and applied like any conventional tattoo.

Bruce Klitzman, PhD

Professor of Surgery, Duke University

Edith Mathiowitz, PhD

Biomedical Engineer, Brown University

Tattoo Safety Facts.


Developed by Leading scientists from Brown, Duke and Cornell Universities

Manufactured to the highest standards in an ISO Certified, GMP compliant facility

Clinically tested, dermatologist approved

Does not change appearance or healing of tattoo

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Drew Brees, Everence Customer And Former NFL Quarterback

Let's Get Started.

It all begins with an Everence Source Collection Kit.

Whether you already have a Source collection kit or are purchasing one now, every product starts with an Everence collection kit. This kit is how you collect and send your Everence source to us so we can create your jewelry or tattoo product.

3 Easy Steps to Everence


1. Get an Everence Collection Kit

Order an Everence collection kit online or purchase one from an Everence Affiliate. Follow the instructions in your kit to collect your Everence source either using a simple cheek swab or the container provided, and return it to us using the pre-addressed shipping label.


2. We create your Everence Jewelry

Using our patented process, we enclose your Everence source in a durable aerospace resin which is then added, by hand, to your bracelet, necklace, ring, or charm.


3. You Receive Your Order

We send your Everence Jewelry to you, ready to wear.


It's that easy.

5 Easy Steps to Everence.


1. Get an Everence Source Collection Kit.

Order an Everence Source Collection Kit online, or purchase one from an Everence Affiliate. Follow the instructions in your kit to collect your Everence source either using a simple cheek swab or the container provided, and return it to us using the pre-paid postage envelope.


2. We Create Your Everence for Tattoos.

Using our patented process, we turn your Everence source into a tattoo ink additive that will remain in place inside your tattoo, for the life of your tattoo.


3. You Receive Your Order.

We send your Everence back to you.


4. You Get Your Everence Tattoo.

Take your Everence to any tattoo artist in the world. They mix your Everence with their ink, and apply your tattoo as they normally would.


5. Heal.

Your body heals around your Everence, keeping it in place for the life of your tattoo.


It's That Easy.

Science and Safety.


Tattoo Ink

Clinically tested



Dermatologist Approved



Manufactured in ISO certified, GMP compliant facility



Developed, tested and used by leading scientists and dermatologists



Indemnifies any tattoo artist who applies it



Hear From The Experts.

Everence for tattoos is developed to a higher safety standard than any other tattoo product in the world, and is proud to be backed by some of the world’s leading medical and biomedical engineering experts.

“I’m very passionate about tattoo safety and I love my Everence tattoo. It was my first tattoo, in fact.”


Dr. Marie Leger, MD, PhD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Director, European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research

Founder, Tattoo Center, Cornell University.

Everence Advisor & Customer  

“I helped develop and test Everence, so I would be comfortable recommending Everence for Tattoos to a member of my own family if they were considering a tattoo.

Bruce Klitzman, PhD

Professor of Surgery, Duke University

Everence Advisor

“The fact that I've got an Everence tattoo speaks to my belief in the idea and comfort with the product.

Edith Mathiowitz, PhD

Professor of Medical Science

Brown University

Everence Advisor & Customer


Everence vs. Conventional Tattoo Ink  (click to read more)


How Conventional Tattoos Work:

Components of a Tattoo: Pigment & Carrier Solution.

Tattoos are made up of two components: pigment (ink), which imparts color, and carrier solution, which distributes the pigment evenly in the skin. Depending on the color, tattoo inks can be made from many different kinds of materials, some understood and some not so well understood. The size of the tattoo ink particles also is important.

Carrier solution is a clear liquid that is pre-mixed with the ink; carrier solution is usually made from isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel, or sometimes distilled water.

The Layers of the Skin.

The skin has 3 layers called the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. When a tattoo gets applied, it ends up in the dermis. If the tattoo artist uses good ink and applies the tattoo correctly, cells within the dermis will heal around the tattoo ink particles and signal to the rest of your body that this foreign material is no longer a risk. Once the body heals around the ink particles the tattoo will usually remain there for life, depending on sun exposure and other environmental variables.

Components of the Tattoo Healing Process – skill of the tattoo artist, quality of the tattoo ink, and tattoo aftercare measures.

Everyone’s body heals differently [reacts a little differently] but there are several key factors to this healing process working correctly: the skill of the tattoo artist applying the tattoo, the quality and sterility of the ink the artist uses, and the tattoo aftercare measures that you take. A skilled tattoo artist will apply the tattoo just deeply enough to reach the dermis – if they go too shallow and put the ink into the epidermis, the ink will be pushed out, if they go too deep and put the ink below the dermis, the tattoo will blow out. In addition to only using quality tattoo inks, reputable tattoo artists will also take measures to sterilize their equipment and to avoid contamination.

How Everence tattoos work:

Components of an Everence Tattoo: Tattoo Ink and Everence.

Everence is a tattoo ink additive, in powder form, which can be added into any new or existing tattoo. Everence is added into tattoo ink, like sugar is added to coffee or tea, stirred for 30 seconds, and then applied as any conventional tattoo would be.

The particles in Everence are synthesized so they are all exactly the correct size and shape to trigger the healing process in the dermis. The source material you provide is contained within microcapsules made of a safe, medical-grade polymer that stays in the site of the tattoo for the life of the tattoo.


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