At Endeavor, we are committed to doing all we can to inspire the trust and confidence of our customers and encouraging both the proper collection of DNA for use in Everence, as well as the proper use of Everence itself, once created. 


Respect, Diligence, and Confidentiality

You are entrusting us with the DNA of important people in your life; this is a responsibility we take very seriously. By agreeing to process your order and create your Everence, we hereby pledge to conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards, and to treat your DNA sample with the utmost respect, diligence, and confidentiality.

  • Respect – we pledge to handle the DNA you submit with reverence and treat it as though it were irreplaceable
  • Diligence – we pledge to create and track your order with the utmost attention to detail, and to communicate with you about the status of your order along the way
  • Confidentiality – we pledge to hold the identity of our customers in the strictest confidence, and to destroy any remaining DNA after each order is completed, unless instructed otherwise in writing



Autonomy, Dignity, and Respect

Our goal is to ensure that the underlying principles of Autonomy, Dignity and Respect inform both the collection of DNA as well as the final application of Everence. Therefore, as an ethical guideline, we ask our customers to adhere to these two simple principles:

  • Autonomy – Preserve the autonomy of those whose DNA you wish to turn into Everence by receiving permission before you collect it, or if consent cannot be obtained, by considering the wishes and values of the person giving the sample.
  • Dignity and Respect – Treat those whose DNA you wish to turn into Everence with dignity and respect by always truthfully representing what Everence is and how you intend to use it

If in doubt, our best advice is to ask yourself: Would you be comfortable with someone else obtaining and using your or your loved one’s DNA and/or Everence in the same manner as you plan to obtain and use theirs?


To acknowledge their understanding of and free compliance with our request, we ask our customers to agree to the following:

In all I do to create Everence, I will respect the principles of Autonomy, Dignity, and Respect. I take this pledge freely and upon my honor.

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