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How it Works

Everence is a patented technology that transforms a piece of jewelry or a tattoo into ways to carry the people, pets, and experiences that inspire your life, with you forever.

  • We create Everence by taking your Everence Source, which is a unique element from a loved one, pet, or experience (such as DNA, hair, ash, sand, soil, rock, grass, or flower) that you supply to us in an Everence Collection Kit, and putting it through one of two patented processes.

  • Our patented processes protect and preserve your Everence Source so that is can be added to either a piece of jewelry or a tattoo and carried with you forever.

  • The word Everence is a combination of the words Forever & Reverence.

Your Everence "Source" is the material you have supplied to us in your collection kit to create your Everence. An Everence source can come from any of the following materials: DNA (From a cheek swab), Hair, Ash, Sand, Soil, Rock, Grass, or Flower.

Please note: we only extract DNA from a cheek swab. For all other Everence sources, rather than extract DNA we instead make your Everence directly from the material itself. For example, we do not extract DNA from hair, ash sand, soil, rock, grass, or flower. Instead, we put your hair, ash, sand, soil, rock, grass, or flower through our patented process directly in order to create your Everence.

Everence jewelry is a custom-made collection of gold and silver necklaces, bracelets, ring, and charms containing Everence.

Each piece of jewelry contains Everence enclosed in a vibrant and durable aerospace resin which is added by hand by our team of expert jewelry makers in Providence, Rhode Island.

In short, Everence is about celebration and emotional connection.

The purpose of both Everence for tattoos and jewelry is to create a forever keepsake to celebrate those people, pets, places, or experiences that matter most. Everence jewelry lets you carry what you love in a beautiful keepsake.

Everence for jewelry was developed by leading scientists in the fields of medical engineering and dermatology from Brown and Duke Universities.
An Everence collection kit is what you use to collect and send your Everence Source to us. Each kit contains a cheek swab for collecting DNA and well as a secure container for collecting sand, soil, rock, grass, flower, hair, or ash.
If you have a pre-purchased or gift kit, simply visit our website everence.life and begin shopping. As you complete your purchase you will be prompted to answer "Do you have a kit yes/no." Select "yes," enter the 4-6 digit code from your Everence collection kit when prompted, and complete your checkout.
We make it simple and easy for you to create any Everence product:

1. You Get a Collection Kit:

Order a collection kit online or purchase one from an Everence Affiliate. Follow the simple instructions in your kit to collect your source and return it to us using the pre-addressed shipping label.

2. We Create Your Everence Jewelry

Using our patented process, we enclose your source into a durable aerospace resin which is then added, by hand, to your bracelet, necklace, ring, or charm.

3. You Receive Your Order

We send your Everence jewelry back to you.

Its that easy.


You can buy Everence online at everence.life or through any Everence Affiliate.
Our production facilities are located in Rhode Island. We are proud to say our facility is ISO-Certified (ISO 9001 and 22716), and GMP compliant. Click here to view our ISO certificates.

For cleaning and care instructions, please click here .
Each piece of Everence jewelry is made by hand, using the highest quality materials, in Rhode Island, U.S.A., through the following process:

From the collected source you send, our lab extracts and embeds a short strand of DNA or other source particle into crystal particles so that it can be seen with the naked eye.

We enclose the crystals in aerospace resin in a color of your choosing, which preserves them.

Finally, the resin is inlaid in a sterling or gold piece or hand-cast in a sterling silver bead which is then surrounded by semi-precious stones and finished with a sterling silver closure to create the Everence necklace, ring, bracelet, or charm.

Yes, with the exception of the Everence bead itself, all of the other beads on the bracelet are semi-precious 6mm stones that have been carefully sourced to ensure your custom bracelet is as valuable as the connection it represents.
Like any fine piece of jewelry, they are durable but not indestructible. Since they are made of sterling silver and semi-precious stones, we recommend following standard guidelines for protecting the value of the jewelry: Bracelets must not be worn while showering, swimming, sleeping, or during any activity that might cause the bracelet to become wet, to be pulled, or subjected to pressure. Treat them with the care you would any valuable piece of jewelry.
All Everence rings and necklaces are waterproof, but Everence bracelets are only water resistant. That means you must not wear your bracelet while in a pool, shower, bath, ocean, or hot tub, or any other water-related activities as this can lead to degradation of the materials. Treat your bracelet with the same care you would any precious bracelet and take it off when you plan to have your hands in water, e.g. washing dishes or washing a car.
No, Everence jewelry is not returnable. Unopened collection kits can be returned for a full refund, but as Everence jewelry is customized and personal, it is not returnable. If you’re unsure of your size, please see the ring and bracelet sizing guide here on our website or visit your local jeweler to get your ring finger or wrist sized correctly.
No, the customized resin in your Everence ring will not wear away. Your Everence source is embedded in crystals and then mixed with an aerospace resin, which preserves and protects it from daily wear, so it will last forever.
The Everence Bead is incredibly durable and will not break under normal wear. Of course, if you were to decide to hit it with a hammer, the resin may break. (So we advise not attempting anything like that!) Treated like precious jewelry, your Everence bracelet will last for many, many years.
Each Everence bead is engraved on the sterling cap with an order number. For 2 and 3 bead bracelets, the order number is followed by a dash and I, II, or III according to the source name information you provide when placing your order.
Yes, if you want to add more than one person’s unique essence to a bracelet, you should select the 2-bead or 3-bead bracelet. For custom orders or multiple source Everence jewelry, please contact us at hello@everence.life. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
All Everence jewelry is made with high quality, ethically sourced materials and it is all 100% Nickel free!
We have a team of people standing by to answer whatever’s on your mind! Shoot us an email to hello@everence.life for a quick, personal response. We love to answer questions about Everence.

Everence Source Collection

We require approximately one tablespoon of source material (or fill the sample collection container halfway full) to create your Everence. Detailed collection instructions can be found inside your Everence collection kit.
Absolutely! We can create Everence jewelry from your pet’s DNA (from a cheek swab), hair or ash.
At present, DNA sources can only be collected from a living person, but we can create Everence from cremated remains or hair from a deceased person.
Once we receive your DNA (cheek swab) collection kit, we process the source you sent in, and extract short strands of DNA. We then amplify and purify that DNA and microencapsulate (enclose) it in a medical-grade polymer material via our patented process which protects it from being destroyed by the body, and ensures it will stay within your tattoo.
We do not store your DNA or personal data. To create your Everence, we gather as little personal data as is necessary, and retain it for a minimal amount of time to accurately create your Everence and deliver it to you. No personal information is associated with the source during the manufacturing process. Each source is assigned a unique, random, identifier barcode prior to entering production.

We strive to meet the highest industry standards for both customer privacy and data security, and we only partner with organizations (such as payment processing providers) that have an established track record of doing the same.

We dispose of any remaining DNA after we fulfill your order.
We do not offer bio banking at the moment, but are looking into it for the future. Right now, the only option is to send in a collection kit to create Everence for immediate use.
Collection kits are intended for individual source collection; multiple DNA, hair or ashes sources cannot be added into the same collection kit.
DNA is collected with a simple Q-tip cheek swab contained in your Everence collection kit. The process is completely painless, is ideal for both children and pets, and takes less than 5 seconds to complete.
No, Everence made from ash or hair is made directly from the source itself, not DNA extracted from the source.
At present, DNA can only be collected from a living person or pet. However, we can create Everence from cremated remains or hair from a deceased person or pet.


We currently ship everywhere in world.
Your Everence collection kit will arrive within four business days of placing your order.
You will receive your Everence jewelry within 20 business days of when we receive your collection kit.

For express shipping, please contact us at hello@everence.life

Some carriers take 1-2 business days to register the status of your shipment. If your tracking number isn’t working, please contact us at hello@everence.life
We’re here to help. To update your delivery address, please email us at hello@everence.life and use the subject line CHANGE DELIVERY ADDRESS.
Standard insurance is not provided, however Everence offers customers the option to add shipping protection from Route at checkout. There is a minimal 1% charge to cover damage, loss, and theft. Route also provides independent tracking information.


Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is received and processed in our system.
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as PayPal, AmazonPay, and Apple Pay. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept checks or money orders.
Sales tax will be applied to your order in the following states: New York, Rhode Island, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.
Our payment processing uses TLS 1.2L encryption that is secured. Everence does not have direct access to your card and does not store any credit card information. Your information is securely contained within our payment processing system.


You can return the unopened Everence DNA collection kit for free within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. Once your Everence is created, it is unfortunately no longer refundable.
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