Inspired by connection, crafted by hand

Everence jewelry is a made-to-order line of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and charms. Each piece is personalized with a vibrant enamel inlay containing your Everence

How Everence Jewelry Is Made

1. We convert your Everence source

First we take the source you've sent us from your collection kit, put it through our patented process, and then enclose in a highly durable resin to preserve and protect it.

2. We create your custom jewelry

Next our artisans apply the resin containing your Everence to your jewelry piece where it can be seen clearly as a shimmering inlay.

3. You carry your Everence with you

Once your jewelry piece is complete we hand finish and polish it, and send it to you ready to wear for many years to come.

Just the Facts

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and charms available

Custom made to order

Over 300 combinations of sterling siler, white and yellow gold, and semi-precious stones

100% money-back guaranteed

Proudly made in the USA

Let's Get Started

It all begins with an Everence Collection Kit

Whether you already have an Everence collection kit or are purchasing one now, every product starts with an Everence collection kit.

3 Easy Steps to Everence


1. Get an Everence Collection Kit

Order an Everence collection kit online or purchase one from an Everence Affiliate. Follow the instructions in your kit to collect your Everence source either using a simple cheek swab or the container provided, and return it to us using the pre-addressed shipping label.


2. We create your Everence Jewelry

Using our patented process, we enclose your Everence source in a durable aerospace resin which is then added, by hand, to your bracelet, necklace, ring, or charm.


3. You Receive Your Order

We send your Everence Jewelry to you, ready to wear.


It's that easy.

Quality You Can Trust

“I’m someone who values durability and couldn’t be happier with the fit and quality of my Everence bracelets.”

– Drew Brees

NFL Quarterback and Everence Customer

“In terms of quality, innovation, and emotional significance Everence is second to none.”

– Sarah Clohessey

Former Director of Emerging Markets, PANDORA

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