1. Is this for real?

Yes, it sure is!

For the past four years, Everence has been the intense focus of an interdisciplinary team at Endeavor Life Sciences, comprised of renowned scientists, tattoo artists, retired Navy SEALs, and entrepreneurs.

All of us at Endeavor are extremely excited to finally be able to share Everence with the world!

2. What is the purpose of Everence?

To honor emotional connection and inspiration.

Everence allows you to keep those who have touched your soul, shape your life, and continue to inspire your journey, with you always.

3. Is the process of getting Everence really that easy?


a) Order a DNA collection kit from the Everence.life website for each person or pet from whom you want Everence (one separate kit per person).

b) Follow the instructions on the kit and then send the kit(s) back to us via the pre-addressed envelope.

c) We turn the DNA sample you send us into Everence by using our patented process of DNA extraction, amplification, purification and encapsulation.

d) We send your Everence back to you in powder form, along with a certificate of authenticity and extra DNA in an FTA card, which can be used to verify the DNA by a third-party DNA lab if you so desire.

e) Take your Everence to any tattoo artist you choose in the United States.

f) Your tattoo artist opens the safety seal on your Everence vial, mixes the Everence with any ink or carrier solution he or she chooses and applies the Everence/ink mixture as he or she would in any other tattoo.

g) Your Everence journey begins! You have established an enduring connection to what inspires you – it will be with you at all times on your journey through life.

4. Is Everence safe?

Everence does not change the safety of a tattoo.

Everence is not only consistent with what the U.S. requires for the safety and quality of cosmetics, but it likely exceeds those requirements because we manufacture Everence in an ISO certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 for Cosmetics), GMP compliant, facility under the strictest requirements for quality control standards anywhere in the world.  Click here to view our ISO certificates.

Everence was developed by world-renowned scientists in the fields of biocompatibility and microencapsulation from Brown University and Duke University.

The polymer used to make Everence (PMMA) has been among the world’s most widely used polymers in medicine over the past 80 years.

5. Do tattoo artists bear additional liability when applying Everence?

We stand behind our product and the artists that apply it 100%.

We are willing to indemnify any tattoo artist who applies Everence against bodily injury caused by either our gross negligence or by a defect in Everence.  Any artist that requests indemnification shall receive it.

6. Is Everence FDA approved?

As with all cosmetics, EVERENCE is not eligible for FDA approval.

We have presented information about Everence to the FDA, and the FDA agrees with our view of the product’s regulatory status as a cosmetic.

7. Can Everence be created from my pet?

Absolutely!  If your pet salivates we can create Everence from them, simply follow the instructions included with your DNA collection kit.

8. What methods of payment can I use to buy Everence?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, PayPal Credit, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

9. When will my DNA collection kit be delivered?

Within 14 business days of placing your order.

10. When will my Everence be delivered?

Within 90 days of our receipt of your completed DNA collection kit(s).

11. Do I need to store my Everence in a refrigerator?


12. What is the scientific process behind Everence?

a). We extract short strands of DNA from your DNA collection kit(s).

b). We amplify and purify that DNA.

c). We enclose (microencapsulate) the DNA in a medical-grade polymer (PMMA).

d). We purify the finished product.

13. Does the DNA in Everence affect the genetic makeup of surrounding tissue?

No. In addition to being fully enclosed in a medical-grade polymer, our patented process does not allow for any mechanism for the DNA in Everence to alter the genetic makeup of the surrounding tissue.

14. How long does Everence last in the body?

Everence is designed and produced to last indefinitely in your tattoo. The materials that we use to make Everence are non-erodible, which means Everence will remain in place and not deteriorate over time in the body.

15. Who makes Everence and where is it made?

Our company is called Endeavor Life Sciences, LLC, and our production facility is located in Quonset, Rhode Island.

16. Who is Endeavor Life Sciences?

We are a privately owned, independent, U.S. company that was launched in 2016 to bring Everence to the world. Endeavor was founded by the inventor of Everence and a retired U.S. Navy SEAL.

We are a team of artists, scientists, veterans, and entrepreneurs. At our core, we believe people are free to be their best when they feel a strong sense of connection to what inspires them.

We honor people who are working to become the best versions of themselves, and the connections to the people and experiences that inspire them to do it.

17. What standards apply to the facility where Everence is produced?

We have applied established quality standards to the facility where Everence is made, tailored to the unique aspects of the product. The facility‘s quality system is ISO-Certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 for Cosmetics), and we follow GMPs for cosmetics.  Click here to view our ISO certificates.

18. How is my privacy protected once I submit a DNA sample for conversion to Everence?

We gather as little personal data as is necessary, and retain it for as short a time as possible to accurately create your Everence and deliver it to you.

No personal information is associated with the sample during the manufacturing process. Each sample is assigned a unique, random, identifier barcode prior to entering production.

We strive to meet the highest industry standards for both data security and customer privacy and we only partner with organizations (such as payment processing providers) that have an established track record of doing the same.

19. What do you do with the DNA after you make my Everence?

We dispose of your DNA after we fulfill your order.

20. Can the authenticity of the DNA in my Everence be verified?

Yes, if requested we will send you an FTA card containing pure extracted DNA, which can be used by an independent lab to verify the DNA sample.

In addition, you will receive a certificate of authenticity along with your Everence.

21. What should I tell my tattoo artist about Everence if he or she has questions?

If your tattoo artist would like more information about how to use Everence in your tattoo, we are happy to answer any questions or make connections to one of the many other artists who have used Everence before.

22. Can a DNA sample be stored until I am ready to use it?

Not currently. We hope to offer Bio Banking in the future, but it is not available at this time.

23. Can more than one person’s DNA be added to the same collection kit or must each sample be collected in its own kit?

Collection kits are intended for individual DNA samples; the DNA of multiple people cannot be added into the same collection kit.

24. How will Everence affect the application and the healing process of my tattoo?

 It is not possible to guarantee how the body will heal. However, Everence has been specifically designed and produced not to affect the application or healing process of the tattoo.

25. Can I take my Everence to any tattoo artist of my choice?

You do not have to use one of our affiliated artists, you can take your Everence to any artist that you choose.

26. How is Everence mixed with tattoo ink?

Your tattoo artist simply adds your Everence to a cap of ink and then stirs with a needle or runs the tattoo machine inside the ink/Everence mixture until the Everence is no longer visible in the ink (approximately 10-15 seconds).

27. Is it easy to apply Everence into the skin?

Once the Everence is mixed with the ink, it is applied exactly the same way and with the same ease as the ink in a conventional tattoo.

28. Can I apply Everence throughout multiple tattooing sessions or should I apply it in a single session?

Everence is a single-use product, so once the safety seal on the vial is broken, your Everence must be added to the tattoo at that time.

29. Can I use Everence even if I do not want to have a tattoo?

Everence is designed and produced to be applied to the body with tattoo ink or carrier solution by itself (to be invisible).

30. Does Everence affect the color of my tattoo?

Everence is completely colorless once applied to the body and can even be applied to the skin without ink and remain invisible.

31. Can I have Everence applied to my skin if I have eczema or dermatitis?

We recommended that you consult with your doctor before applying Everence in these instances.

32. Can a DNA sample be collected from a recently deceased person?

Not at the present time.

33. Does Everence expire? Must it be applied within a certain time frame?

Everence does not have an expiration date. As long as the safety seal on the vial is intact, Everence can be added to the body at any time.

34. Can Everence be removed?

The only form of removal that has been tested at this time is outpatient surgical extraction.

35. Are orders limited to U.S. customers?

Yes, for the time being Everence is only being shipped to customers in the United States.

For additional questions please feel free to contact us