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Note: Your Collection Kit will arrive within 7 business days of placing an order. We will ship your Everence within 45 days after we receive your sample back.


A revolutionary technology that allows you to capture the essence of what is truly meaningful to you, and carry it with you always in a new or existing tattoo.

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  • EVERENCE - Source: DNA , hair or cremains
  • Materials: DNA microencapsulated in a medical-grade polymer material
  • Safety: Manufactured in an ISO certified, GMP compliant facility
  • Easy to Use: Can be applied by any tattoo artist; does not require special training
  • Tattoo: Can be added to any new or existing tattoo
  • No Expiration: Made from non-erodible materials that enable it to last as long as your tattoo
  • Easy Returns: 100% Money back guarantee on any unopened collection kit, no questions asked

  • BOX 1: DNA, Hair or Cremains Collection Kit, pre-paid shipping label
  • BOX 2: 300mg of Everence in safety sealed container, Certificate of Authenticity

How will you use Everence?

Get inspired by some of our customers



“Everence is a gift and I feel that a lot of parents that lost a child, that this might be an avenue for them to help soften some of the grievance”

Wynnie Meyers, Everence from her daughter


“And if this life was going to take me somewhere else, I didn't want to go there and be alone; I wanted to have my family with me.”

Johnny Walker, Everence from his wife and children
To Connect

To Connect

I value memories and the people I love more than anything, so to be able to keep a piece of my mom with me forever is special.”
Cleo Kinnaman, Everence from her mom

Science & Safety

Cutting-edge science meets inspired innovation

Everence was developed by leading scientists, is made from medical-grade materials and is produced in our ISO 9001 certified and GMP-compliant facility. That means every step of the production process from start to finish is held to the strictest quality control and safety standards in the world. The bottom line: Everence is designed to a higher safety standard than any other tattoo product in the world, without exception.

Patented process of purification



Non-Erodible: Remains in place forever

Made in the USA

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